Dog Hotel, Cat Hotel & Pet Resort FDG

Indoor & Outdoor, Cage Free, Pet Resort!

Our Philosophy

Absolutely CAGE FREE!!!

A home place who doesn’t look like a shop or a warehouse, so your baby are feeling more relax and can always go indoor and outdoor with us. They are not locked inside all day, they are enjoying the Dog Lounge and also the Garden where they are playing a lot. The outdoor part is very important for your dog health and mind.

In our Pet Resort like in Grooming, we are specially aware of your babies separation feeling when you leave, so be assured that your babies have night and day the special attention they need. Our Resort is a Dogs lover’s place, our team is very compassionate and each animal comes first. Your Fur Baby will receive a special attention for his precious time with us. It’s very important to spend whatever time is necessary according to your dog’s needs

Also Grooming is an Art, and it’s a pleasure to make a beautiful Hair Cut, that fits your Dog’s personality. Your fur babies will enjoy their time with us, we are working with treats rewards in a relaxing ambiance